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'17 February
Hearts and roses.
'17 January
Here I go, rapidly closing in on SEVENTY YEARS OLD. SEVENTY.

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February 22

The Girl Scouts of the South Bay had a gathering tonight for World Thinking Day. I asked Lilly what everyone was thinking about and she replied with such enormous enthusiasm "Desserts!" and indeed that was mostly true.

Each troupe had a country for which they made costumes, displays, and a dessert!

Kaitlin's troupe had Scotland and one of their members made Scottish shortbread from a 100 year old family recipe.

So cute!

Here's Peru with a blue corn beverage and a sweet arroz con leche.

France! Oww La La.

These gals had Iceland. The troupe members rotated, taking turns behind the table and turns enjoying all the treats.

Norway, nice! There were maybe 20 countries, all of them charming and delightful.

You can see Fiji at the far right. They ran out of their offering very early. It was a fruit punch with soda water and everyone loved it especially as a vehicle to wash down all that sugar.

It was a basically parent-free event except for the troupe leaders. The Daisy and Brownie troupes were guests and they had a fantastic time.

The inset picture is Lilly at the door taking in the scene, excited to hit Every Single Table and that's another picture of her half way through.

It's clean-up time and a fine evening of Girl Scouts draws to a close.

February 19

I definitely waste a lot of time doing I can't even remember what, but also these days I'm studying up on Australia. Getting an almost 2 month trip together can take as much time as you have to put into it.

What I just discovered is giving me a big fat smile - I'll be in Darwin for their Fringe Festival, just by chance, I didn't know when I blocked out the travel between cities and I'm so excited because I love-love-LOVED the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh and if it's half as fun I'm in for a treat.

February 18

Long Beach! Carol, Alex, Merlyn, Hilda, Raffi and a fun lunch out. Ooops, no picture of the jewel box in the sky.

Then it's Happy Birthday GARY!

Liz is wearing a crown and the girls taped Gary's crown to his chest. He's getting his birthday teeth this week!

Kellee, Dee, Gary, Dev, Brenda, Sue, Darryl, Angela
Kaitlin, Liz, Lilly

February 16

Kaitlin's school takes the whole 5th grade to a science camp for three days and two nights of F.U.N!

One of her friends took this picture.

It's Girl Scout Cookie Season!


February 15

My first time! I went with Kathleen to Water Aerobics at Santa Monica College tonight. The class starts at 7pm and Kathleen assured me, promised actually, that the water in the huge outdoor pool would be warmwarmwarm, and it Was!

It was really surprisingly excellent exercise - easy on the knees, constantly on the move, good resistance against the water, and a cheery group. They also have an 8:15am program on Sundays and I might check that out too.

February 14

The couch and the chair are happy together. The chair and the rug are happy together. The rug and the couch...I'm not so sure. But I'm thinking with a coffee table/foot stools and precisely(?!) chosen pillows it could be ok.

At Tongva Park looking out over Ocean Blvd...

...and in front of Santa Monica City Hall.

On some previous day I went with the cousins to see the Academy Awards nominated shorts in animation and live action. This guy has been in the lobby of the Nuart Theater for as long as I can remember.

February 13

Two things: 1) I am SO GRATEFUL John Oliver is back after a Three Month hiatus. Catch Sunday's show if possible - you won't be sorry. 2) WOW what did. I had to blink hard on that one. But they got me through Proust, maybe they can get me through Trump.

I spent a few of the wee hours of Tuesday morning catching up on my main news source - the late night comedians. But also I did take out the most expensive subscription to the LA Times and the NY Times in support of their professional efforts. And with slit-ed eyes I check in every morning because, as you might have noticed, It's Always Something!

February 11

This was fun!

Zack (the handsome young fellow on the left) is Carl and Lynn's son. Picture and text copied from the internet:

"Madison Dylan stars as Alice, continuing her success from the Australian tour. Originally from Wichita, Kansas, Madison has appeared in many films and TV shows. She is also co-producer of this American venture joining producers Ethan Walker and Zachary Lieberman. Their complete Alice team is international in background and training. Ethan is originally from Brisbane, Australia and Zack is from Venice Beach here in Los Angeles. Ethanís success as a producer began when he immigrated from Australia 11 years ago at 21 and has spanned Las Vegas, New York, Branson and Ireland. Alice will be opening in Kansas, New York and many other locations as it tours the U.S."


Zack took Kaitlin and Lilly around for a tour of backstage. It was so interesting and Zack was a delightful host.

Grandgirls in Wonderland.

A couple of the many little girls who came in costume.

February 10

Tom whacked out his shoulder, dislocated it actually, but we still had a delicious dinner.

February 9

All the recent rain seems to have set our dino fountains a-flow again which I so enjoy.

Sharon and I walked along Promenade Park and here's another view of the new California Incline leading off into the...

...totally fogged in coast. It's rare that this happens and the air is fresh and moist and I like it.

February 8

Lilly at her Girl Scouts Valentine Party where in one and a half hours they did six adorable activities including making a hat, making a book, playing a game, making candy, ETC!

February 6

I visited with Ben and Bonnie today and here's a picture of their back yard and Bonnie's office. Lovely isn't it.

And then I went to Windy's and her garden is looking fantastic too.

RAIN my friends, little joy-bubbles from the sky.

February 5

Late breakfast today with the cousins Nancy and Sharon at Farmer's Market and then we had a stroll through The Grove. We got to take Sharon for her first visit to Du-pars!

Early dinner with Les and Elizabeth as they pass through LA on their way to a five week trip in Australia and New Zealand. Bon Voyage!

February 4

Happy Birthday Alicia! It's YOUR Day!!

Alicia and her five fabulous offspring who put on quite the extravaganza for their mom's 75th at the 94th Aero Squadron.


The tables were gorgeous...

...and the room was perfect for the occasion...

...including a mantel of family photos.

The kids put together a delightful slideshow and then we had Speakers.


Alicia, the Birthday Girl.

The Monday Nighters:

Alicia, Maxine, Marija, Ann, Lourdes, Ljubica, me, Becky, Maryanne. We missed you Marsha!

February 2

I've been working pretty steadily on putting together a 7+ weeks trip Down Under, June 11 - August 3.

Australia is BIG and I've got so many flights to make this happen, and places to stay, and what about tours or a car? My stops are as follows: Sydney; Canberra; Melbourne; Tasmania; Broome; Darwin; Alice Springs/Uluru; Cairns/Port Douglas; Brisbane; back to Sydney.

February 1

I got these from Lona and Hartley after they got new flatware a couple of decades ago. I do like them just fine but I'm down to a full set of 3 (3 teaspoons...) and randomly more of the other ones. And I have in my drawer a bit of this and that from 2 other sets.

It's ok say I to me. You can get new ones!

CB2 - first they were going to deliver it on Saturday, then on Tuesday, now on Friday. Let's see!
Click HERE and all the pictures in this chapter will get big.


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